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Exile Game Studio at Gen Con Indy 2013

Seattle, Washington, July 24, 2013 – Exile Game Studio will once again be in attendance at Gen Con Indy. In addition to sponsoring official events and selling the entire award-winning Hollow Earth Expedition™ game line, we're also going to be debuting some cool new books and accessories at the convention.

The hardcover Hollow Earth Expedition™ rulebooks may be sold out, but that doesn't mean the adventure is over. We're releasing our softcover, travel-sized edition of the core rulebook at Gen Con. It's perfect for those new to the game, short on cash, or just want to take HEX along on all their expeditions.

We'll also be releasing our Kickstarter-funded book of adventures, Perils of the Surface World™ at the convention. This softcover book collects four great surface world adventures into one volume: Miractle Stone of the Amazon, Frozen City of Terror, Legacy of the Terra Arcanum, and Five Talons of the Jade Dragon. It's perfect for people that just want to sit down and play or who'd like some extra rules and setting information for their existing Hollow Earth Expedition™ games.

And if that wasn't exciting enough, we're going to be selling some deluxe canvas maps of the surface world and the Hollow Earth. These high quality maps are suitable for framing or just for rolling out and using as a prop in your game. Come by and check them out and see for yourself!

Our Revelations of Mars Kickstarter™ is open until the end of July, but in case you miss it, tickets to the Red Planet may still be purchased at the booth.

So stop by the Exile Game Studio booth (#631) at Gen Con Indy to explore the perilous surface world and hitch a ride on the rocket to Mars.

See you there!

Exile Game Studio is the publisher of the award-winning pulp roleplaying game, Hollow Earth Expedition™ and the creator of the Ubiquity Roleplaying System™—an enhanced dice pool system that emphasizes storytelling and cinematic action. For more information about Exile Game Studio and their products, please visit www.exilegames.com.

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