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Hollow Earth Expedition™ to be Published in Germany

Seattle, Washington, March 26, 2009 - Exile Game Studio is pleased to announce that Uhrwerk-Verlag, a sub label of Ulisses Spiele Germany, will be publishing a German language edition of its award winning pulp roleplaying game, Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX).

“Germany is a great market for pulp RPGs.” said Jeff Combos, president of Exile Game Studio. “We know that HEX will see great success in the hands of Ulisses Spiele.” German speaking fans in will get their first taste of the savage and exciting Hollow Earth in April 2009 with the release of a quick-start adventure.

“We will have the free 16-page quick-start adventure booklet out in April for the Role Playing Convention (RPC) in Cologne, Germany.” said Patric Götz of Ulisses Spiele. The estimated 40,000 gamers expected to be in attendance will have the opportunity to demo HEX all three days at the Ulisses Spiele booth.

The fully translated core book is scheduled to release in June 2009, followed closely by Secrets of the Surface World. Mysteries of the Hollow Earth is expected to be published in the second half of the year.

"As soon as we saw Hollow Earth Expedition we couldn’t wait to publish the game in German.” said Götz “We are also very fond of the Ubiquity Roleplaying System and are planning to support HEX with additional translated materials as they are released by Exile Game Studio.”

Exile Game Studio is the publisher of the award-winning pulp RPG, Hollow Earth Expedition and the creator of the Ubiquity Roleplaying System™—an enhanced dice pool system that emphasizes storytelling and cinematic action. For more information about Exile Game Studio and their products, please visit www.exilegames.com.

For more information about Uhrwerk-Verlag, please visit www.ulisses-spiele.de or contact Patric Götz at patric@ulisses-spiele.de.

For information about RPC, visit the official website at www.rpc-germany.de.

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