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Exile Game Studio Licensed Ubiquity™ to Triple Ace Games

Seattle, WA, March 18, 2009: Exile Game Studio licensed the Ubiquity Roleplaying System™ to Triple Ace Games (TAG) for their Daring Tales of Adventure (DTA) series.

"We've developed a reputation for high quality products and we intend to keep our sights aiming ever higher.” said Robin Elliott, TAG's Production Director. “The DTAs, may be a conversion, but that doesn't mean we'll take shortcuts. Each adventure is getting as much attention to detail as the originals."

Triple Ace Games is putting the final touches on several manuscripts of its DTA line and expects to have this exciting new series of adventures completed by the summer of 2009. When asked about the possibility of taking on other Ubiquity licenses, Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams, TAG's Creative Director, replied, "We'll be looking at our future with the Ubiquity license in the next few months. We're all fans of the system here and we hope to bring something new to the Ubiquity portfolio."

Exile Game Studio is the publisher of the award-winning pulp RPG, Hollow Earth Expedition and the creator of the Ubiquity Roleplaying System™—an enhanced dice pool system that emphasizes storytelling and cinematic action. For more information about Exile Game Studio and their products, please visit www.exilegames.com.

Triple Ace Games is the publisher of Sundered Skies, Necropolis 2350 and the Daring Tales of Adventure series. Comprised of a team that has more than 25 years of experience in the hobby games industry, Triple Ace Games continues to produce cutting edge RPG environments that challenge, entertain and mystify. For more information about Triple Ace Games and their products, please visit www.tripleacegames.com.

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