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Battlefield Press, Inc. Signs Licensing Agreement with Exile Game Studio

Seattle, WA, February 11, 2008 –

Battlefield Press, Inc. has signed a licensing agreement with Exile Game Studio to publish the Fantastic World Roleplaying Game™ using the Ubiquity Roleplaying System™.

Fantastic World is a Victorian Age Penny Dreadful, it is a world where the fantastic of the Victorian novels exists side-by-side with actual historical events, but there is a catch. The organization known as the Invisible College has fought to keep the bizarre out of the minds of the general populous, and as this war rages around them between the forces of good and evil the population at large believes it to be just stores told to magazines for their amusement.

To focus gameplay on storytelling and cinematic action, Battlefield Press, Inc. licensed Ubiquity, the engine behind Exile Games' Hollow Earth Expedition RPG™, which perfectly matched the vision Battlefield Press had for a system able to match the storytelling style of play required for Fantastic World.

"I first started seeing stories of Hollow Earth Expedition in 2006, as a fan of the Pulp genre I just had to buy it. It turned out to be worth its weight. It is a very cinematic system able to handle whatever the players throw at it without breaking the game. It was this ability of the system and its focus on cinematic action and storytelling that allowed us to make the decision to license the Ubiquity system." Says BPI President Jonathan M. Thompson.

"I'm very excited to be working with Battlefield Press and thrilled that they picked Ubiquity to power Fantastic Worlds. Their wonderful vision is sure to delight pulp and Ubiquity fans alike, especially those who have more of a taste for Victorian-era games. It's a great fit for both the system and the game world. It's going to be a great game!" says Exile Games president Jeff Combos.

For more information about Battlefield Press, Inc and the Fantastic World Roleplaying Game, please visit www.battlefieldpress.com

For more information about Exile Game Studio, the Hollow Earth Expedition RPG, and their upcoming products, please visit www.exilegames.com.

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